Four hands massages

Enjoy in Abundia Spa this relaxing and enrich massage of ALMA THAI performance with four hands that will make you feel the deepest mental and corporal relaxation.

The technique of slow, rhythmic but deep movement of two therapists synchronized will guide you’re your mind to get relaxed and “let it go” the normal things and simply you will fall in a sensation of peace and charm. This technique is excellent to release corporal pain, rigidness and also helps to heal insomnia.


This massage is based on the philosophy of Ayuverda the antique system of medicine from India. The wisdom emanating from Ayuberdic tradition is widely recognized and considered within the field of the holistic medicine and stands out for its constant search for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

But in addition to its relaxing qualities, this therapy also activates the circulatory system , making  the blood flows easily and improving the lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of toxins present in the body. Also, if you have muscle and joint pains, you’ll feel immediate and lasting relief..