Our services

Erotic massage

Abundia Spa always thinks of you, with this massages taking care of your body is taking care of your mind, they relax from the top all the way to the bottom, increases the sexual desire, improves the couple communication. There is nothing better than invest in yourself and getting to know other word.

Tantric massage

Abundia Spa is thinking on you and is offering this terrific massage to improve your soul, body and mind.

Eliminating stress and anxiety, controlling your body, improving your mood, optimizing breathing, is also ideal for couples.

Four hands massages

Enjoy in Abundia Spa this relaxing and enrich massage of ALMA THAI performance with four hands that will make you feel the deepest mental and corporal relaxation.

The technique of slow, rhythmic but deep movement of two therapists synchronized will guide you’re your mind to get relaxed and “let it go” the normal things and simply you will fall in a sensation of peace and charm. This technique is excellent to release corporal pain, rigidness and also helps to heal insomnia.

Swedish massage

This is the most common type of massage therapy, and includes the basic movements needed for all massages. They begin with superficial blows in the direction of blood circulation to warm the muscles then move to the deeper tissues, it has the final purpose the relaxation and elimination of toxins.

Relaxing massage

This is the typical massage to eliminate tension due for  a long and hard work day.

This technique is applied all the way along the body with emphasis on the back and the lower part of the neck slowly, with paused and long movements but with a firmly and progressive pressure and the final target is to discharge stress and accumulated tension.

Hawaian Lomi Lomi massage

It is native to ancient Polynesia, the  leyend says that Hawaiians learned the massage by observing the movements of the waves of the  sea. The therapist uses the forearm, the arm and the elbow in order to massage all zones of the body in progressive movements, alternating the strong with the softs. The purpose is to get the total harmony working all muscles and making easier the flow of energetic fluids